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One of the things that sets Ronin Fleet apart from other Star Trek SiMM groups is that players have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of games from races other than just the United Federation of Planets. Each race has its own way of doing things, and ships from any of the races may interact with ships from any other race.

Independent Group

USS Samurai - NCC 78320 (Sovereign Class) Website Yahoo Group

    Subcommand includes:

  • Starbase 24 - (Stardock Class StB)

Starfleet Command - Starbase 1
Ronin Base

Task Group 1

Task Group 1 - Flagship

USS Eclipse - NCC 73081 (MkII Galaxy Class DN) NOVA Website

    Subcommand includes:

  • Starbase 55 - (Stardock Class StB)
  • USS Sovereign - (Sovereign Class CA) (NCC 73811)
  • MCS Freedom

Task Group 2

Task Group 2 - Command Base

Starbase 249 - (Stardock Class StB) NOVA Website

    Subcommand includes:

  • USS Blackwell - (Hornet Class FCV) (recommissioned) (NCC 953110)
  • USS Liberty - (Wallace Class PTC) (NCC 997476)
  • USS Omaha - (Wallace Class PTC) (NCC 996644)


USS Churchill - NCC 1426 (Nova Class)

USS Hyperion - NCC 65058 (Defiant Class)

USS Regent - NCC 78440 (Sovereign Class)

Ships/Bases Available:

Klingon Defense Force Command

Ships/Bases Available:

Romulan Star Empire Naval Command


December 22, 2016 -- Established Federation, Klingon, & Romulan TGs.

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