Ronin Fleet Command Staff

Jackson, AmyFleet CommandFleet Admiral

Fleet Group Command Staff

---Federation Fleet Group COAdmiral
---Fleet Group 1 COAdmiral
---Fleet Group 2 COAdmiral
---Klingon Fleet Group COAdmiral
---Fleet Group 11 COAdmiral
---Fleet Group 12 COAdmiral
---Romulan Fleet Group COAdmiral
---Fleet Group 21 COAdmiral
---Fleet Group 22 COAdmiral

Ronin Fleet Office of Personell Affairs

---Academy ComandantAdmiral
---Senior Internal Affairs OfficerAdmiral

Ronin Fleet Office of Fleet Operations

---Senior R&D OfficerAdmiral
---Senior External Affairs OfficerAdmiral
---Starfleet Marines COAdmiral
---Klingon Marines COAdmiral
---Romulan Fleet Marines COAdmiral
---Romulan Director of Tal ShiarAdmiral

Ronin Fleet Office of Military Justice

Janter, MarkSenior Fleet JudgeAdmiral
---Associate JudgeAdmiral
---Associate JudgeAdmiral
---Associate JudgeAdmiral
---Fleet AdvocateAdmiral
---Fleet AdvocateAdmiral
---Fleet AdvocateAdmiral

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