(updated December 21, 2016)

Ronin Fleet Rules

These rules are made to give you, the player some simple guidelines to follow while posting aboard the Cerberus. Following these will make your experience aboard the Cerberus a more rewarding one.

Rules with Playing your Character

- This is your original character - there are no canon characters allowed... 

According to Fleet rules, a person can not play the role of any character from the original Star Trek series...any of them...this includes Star Trek: Enterprise, the original series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: Voyager, or any of the Star Trek movies.

- Know your role & position

Your character needs to be believable. A cadet just out of the Academy will not be Chief Engineer of the Federation's flagship. So, when you pick a position for your character to play, make sure that your application reflects the necessary experience to have attained that position.

Also, each position aboard the Cerberus comes with certain rights and responsibilites, and it is your responsibility to know them. A Chief of Security would not allow people incarcerated in the Brig to escape, nor would they subsitute their own personal feelings for their duty.

The details of all positions aboard the ship are explained in the Department Handbooks. If there is a question that is not covered, feel free to contact the CO or XO and ask for clarification BEFORE you take actions that you might later regret.

- If you have no simming experience, you WILL start out as an Ensign, and you may be asked to attent the fleet's Cadet Academy...

While we don't want to make anyone look silly, the reason we start people out where they do is so that they can gain posting and SiMM experience. In addition, you may be asked to attend the Cadet Academy, where additional information and posting methods may be provided. A rather large amount of material is provided on the Cerberus site for your use.

- Those who start with RPG experience enter the ship at a higher rank.

If you have tabletop RPG experience, or if you have served within another fleet for a period of time, your character will enter the Cerberus with a rank of Lieutenant jg.

- Please fill out your application completely.

Remember that your character repersents you, and your application represents your character. If I receive an application that does not look like some effort or thought was put into it, the application may not be accepted. On the Cerberus, we are interested in recruiting high-quality players...not simply in filling our crew manifest.

- On the Cerberus we ask all players to post at least once a week, and the post must be "of good quality"...

Characters advance upward in rank by posting, and the minimum number of posts is one per week. A player who skips a week or two may not be penalized, but on the third week, the GM will start adding negative points to that player's XP total. Once the total reaches -8, the player can be removed.

Likewise, a player who simply posts a note saying "Hi" and then turning around and leaving the room, or something like that, will not get XP for that post.

In the case that XP is not calculated for a while, the GM may employ other means to ensure that players are informed of the posting requirements. If slowness becomes noticeable, the GM will post a note in the Yahoo Group reminding players of the posting requirement, and emails will be sent to specific players. If the problem continues, the GM may remove the inactive players at will...having given due notice through the Group messages and emails.

If a player needs a break, simply contact me or the XO, or even one of the department heads and ask for a LOA (Leave Of Absence).

- Promotions are determined by your postings, both in quality and quantity.

We have a page to show you the points system and as you will see it is up to the discretion of the Captain (GM). There are differences in the XP given to excellent posts, and the GM reserves the right to give extra XP for whatever reason. For example, a certain part of the month may be set aside to be a 2x XP period. During this period, XP is doubled for all posts. XP is also given for winning awards.

- OOC Stuff is NOT in-character

Stuff posted on the OOC board, or in GM Notes is NOT in-character, and should never be treated as such. The OOC board may be used to test out plot ideas, so acting on them might be considered an example of "meta-gaming". Meta-gaming is where a player takes OOC knowledge and uses it within the game.

GM Notes are OOC notes to the player on various aspects of the game. While GM Notes may touch on IC aspects of the game, they must never be taken as IC actions. If clarification is needed, contact the GM BEFORE you take actions that you may regret later.

- IC Stuff Stays In-Character

Anything that a player does between the ON: and the OFF: of a post is considered in-character, and it's only known by the people involved with the post. There are exceptions, and these will be noted to the group when they happen. When the ship goes to an alert status, those people who need to be at a duty station must report there, and they will be assumed to be there.

Once again, you do not move or act on behalf of another character unless it has been approved by that player. Please note that the GM can disregard this rule for good reason.

For these reasons, PLEASE READ ALL POSTS.

- Posting etiquette...

Basically, this has to do with who does what. I don't do much with the posting numbers, like "Death of the Ship #1", "Death of the Ship #2", ect, but there are a few general rules that need to be pointed out.

The first is that unless we are stopped somewhere, there is generally a mission going on, and players generally are expected to go with the plot. This does not mean that players can not come up with their own missions or subplots...but those ideas should be brought to me BEFORE they are acted upon. I then decide if the idea fits the current events and throw it in if it does.

- Do not ignore the posts...

Keep up with what's going on aboard the ship. Unless we are in a mission and using the Mission Day system, please follow the stardates that are on the OF website. If you miss a day or two, simply pick up with what your character is doing at that moment. Please be aware of what other people are doing, and be realistic about it.

Make sure if you are going to be at a dinner with the doctor that she has not already posted that she is in the middle of an operation. If you want to have dinner with the doctor, ask her out after the operation is over. Follow what is going on aboard the ship. We would not have an evacuation drill in the middle of the Security Chief's wedding. Everyone's bio will be up so go read it. If you're talking to a Ferengi you would not be intimidated by his height unless you're an elf.

- Language and violence.

If you can't handle the language or violence, then you're not supposed to be here. It's been decided that while there is plenty of diplomatic and peaceful missions in Star Trek, there's a lot of violence as well. At the same time, remember that while players may want to play macho or dark characters, NO ONE is totally vulgar, and such language will be tolerated only to a point. If the GM asks someone to tone down the language, the request is expected to be followed.

- Sex.

The same rules about vulgarity can also apply to sex. While some sexual content is allowed and rewarded with a Fleet award, this is not the Spice Channel. There are examples of tasteful sexual encounters in the Yahoo Group. If you have any questions about where the limitations are, please contact the Captain (GM), however one idea would be to fade to black within the post before anything really steamy happens.

- Be Realistic.

Keep what you do creative, but realistic. You are not going to beat down the Romulan Empire in a Runabout with your trusty Borg, Seven of Nine. You are not invincible, and there will be holes in your plans that I will gleefully exploit. That's just how roleplaying works. In fact, I frown on people and things that seem too perfect, and will develop things that will demonstrate just how imperfect they are.

Also, if posting trends develop, I will make a comment about a certain lack of creativity and ask that players post about something different. This is not squashing your creativity...this is getting you to express it. I am not obligated to take a situation I do not agree with and turn it into a subplot.

- A Bit More on GM Rights...

Not to beat a dead horse here, but there are some things that the GM can do that you should be aware of. These rights are within the positions of either the GM, or the CO of the ship, or both.

1): The GM represents the ship and SiMM to the higher-ups in Obsidian Fleet - This means that if a higher-up asks the GM for information regarding the SiMM, the characters in the SiMM, or the players in the SiMM, the GM will divulge that information. Any posts on any of the Yahoo Groups boards, your bio or other submitted information, and any conversations both IC and OOC, or in real life may be the subject of conversation with the higher-ups. In no means is this meant to harm anyone, but the higher-ups monitor each SiMM to make sure that it is functioning smoothly, and they represent someone that the GM can go to if problems arise.

2): The GM represents the ship and SiMM to the players - This means that while you as players control your characters and you have a lot of rights that go along with that, the GM controls ALL NPCS. This means that players do not have the ability to run roughshod over the ship simply because the NPCs on the ships know where their duties lie, and would do what they could to stop such actions. If force needs to be used against a character, such force will be used.

3): The GM represents the legal authority aboard the ship - This means that in the event of criminal charges being brought against a character, the GM will control how justice is dispensed in the matter. In the case of the Cerberus, a captain's mast will be called. This consists of two phases, each of which must be carried out within twenty-four hours of each other BOTH IC & OOC. One phase is the administrative phase, where the GM examines the evidence and determines if criminal activity has occurred, and what if any charges will be pressed. A determination of guilt may also be found, and a sentence rendered. The other phase is the trial itself, which is carried out IC, and details the administration of justice from the Captain of the ship. If a player is not satisfied with the outocme of the proceedings, or the possibilities of roleplaying possible resolutions following sentencing, they may appeal the rulings into the Obsidian Fleet's JAG system.

4): The GM represents the final creative authority aboard the ship - This means that the GM controls the main plotline. Any subplots must be submitted and approved by the GM before they are implemented. The GM also maintains the right to add to or subtract from a subplot. The GM may assign personell to a plot or assign positions within the plot. The GM may void a plot at any point, even while it is in progress.

These rights of the GM are there to provide a realistic environment for roleplaying, or to protect the SiMM from permanent damage being done by players. They also provide for a specific procedure for resolving some issues within the game setting.

- A Bit More on Player Rights...

Having told you about the rights of the GM, you too have some rights on the USS Cerberus.

1): YOU control your character - This means a couple things. First, it means that no one else can kill your character. However, if you decide to do something that will result in your character's death, you must be ready for the consequences of that action. It also means that your character can not be NPCed by other players, and can only be NPCed by the GM if it would be expected that the character would be involved with whatever scene the GM is running...if you are the XO of the ship and your station is on the Bridge during an emergency, the GM may play your character as he or she fulfills their duties. IF this happens, you will receive XP credit for the post, and it will count toward your post total for the week.

2): You can design NPCs - You can design NPCs of a number of levels. The most basic NPC is probably going to be a low-level techie or someone that you create to have someone to interact with just so you're not talking to yourself. These NPCs are relatively minor and throw-away because they can be explained by the Cerberus making numerous stops at bases.

More important is NPCs that have something to do with the character's past. These are generally protected in much the same way as characters are...the player controls them and their movements and such, and the players will have some say in what happens to them.

All NPCs must be approved by the GM before they are brought into the SiMM.

3): You may transfer at any time - If you are not satisfied with your experience aboard the Cerberus, you may request a transfer at any time, and it will be approved. Please note the following however:

  • Your character will be written out of the SiMM in a way of the GM's choosing. If you kill yourself off, it is up to the GM to determine what happens next, if anything.
  • Any NPCs you control become the property of the ship.

- If there is a problem on the ship with another player please try to work it out among yourselves.

If, however, it is being brought to others in the crew or you cannot resolve the problem, bring it to the XO and they and the Captain will sit with you both and help you work it out. Most of the time you will find a misunderstanding has occurred. Please remember however that your actions can and will have consequences. If you commit a criminal act, you will be held responsible for it. Please note however that there are ways to roleplay out of most situations, so just because you end up in the Brig doesn't mean that your character's career is necessarily over.

- Complaints aaginst senior officers of the USS Cerberus

Should a player make a complaint against the Captain or XO, it must be put in writing and sent to the person you lodge the complaint against as well as the Captain and the XO. If resolution of the situation fails or is not possible, the player may contact the TGCO for assistance. In such cases, no action may be taken against a character for a player reporting a problem.

- Stay within the Chain of Command

This means even if you are asking the Captain (GM) about an idea. If it is rejected, it is for a good reason. The GM has rights identified here, and may be well within them to render a decision that is not in your favor. You then do not go over the GM's head to the "higher-ups". If there is truly a case where some unfairness is going on, THEN it is okay to take the matter to the next person up on the Chain of Command.